Body Detox Cleanse One Organ At A Time

A detox refers to a period of time where a person refrains from certain harmful substances or toxins while also removing those substances from their body.

It can greatly improve physical health and has mental health implications as well. A detox is also often referred to as a cleanse or body detox cleanse, especially when it targets a specific organ or when it focuses on only consuming a single substance.

Over the past few years there have been several body cleanses that have become extremely popular. You likely can’t research detoxing without reading about the juice cleanse. This is only one of many cleanses that have surfaced recently. And though there are many of them, each has a unique and powerful effect on the body.

The Liver Cleanse

Body Cleanse, Word Cloud ConceptThe liver is a particularly important organ when it comes to ridding the body of toxins. The average liver weighs around three pounds and works all day to filter and clean blood that passes through it. If you drink too much alcohol, your liver is one of the first organs to suffer and eventually shut down. Likewise, it can be negatively impacted by a variety of unhealthy foods such as what you might order at your local fast food chain.

An all-natural, healthy cleanse that focuses on the liver can work wonders. However, it is important you focus on reducing the negative intake rather than replacing it with potentially dangerous chemicals and substances. Diet supplements are one of the leading causes of liver damage.

A truly healthy liver cleanse requires cutting out all unhealthy sources of toxins that build up in the liver such as alcohol, unnecessary medications and excessive salt. Increase exercise and replace unhealthy foods with cruciferous vegetables. This will not only cleanse the liver, but improve your physical health as a whole.

Body Detox Cleanse One Organ At A Time

The Colon Cleanse

Another interesting cleanse that has become exceedingly popular is the colon cleanse. The colon is an important part of the large intestine that reabsorbs various fluids and waste products to prepare them from elimination. It is an extremely complex organ with four separate functioning parts. It is also susceptible to a build-up of unhealthy toxins.

A natural body detox cleanse can work to remove this build-up of unhealthy toxins and improve the health and functioning of the digestive system as a whole. This can lead to improved physical health as well as assist with weight loss. Digestive health is also believed to be related to various other parts of the body, including dental health.

Again, this type of detox should focus more on what you eliminate from diet than what you add to it. Any unhealthy foods you can eliminate will help the cause. Those foods can be replaced with water and healthy sources of fiber. The detox is helped with the occasional enema.

Healing The Body One Step At A Time

Cleansing is a great way to target key organs within the body that are necessary for leading a healthy life. True, you can live your entire life with a colon full of toxins, but the moment you cleanse you will notice a significant improvement in your life.