Drug Detox – 4 Positive Effects


drug detoxThere are two types of people when it comes to drug detox, there are those who voluntarily admit themselves because they are tired of the heartbreaking effect that drugs have on their life and there are those who are ordered by a court to attend. Drug detox is sometimes ordered by the court as the result of a conviction related to charges stemming from possession or use of an illegal substance.

During a drug detox treatment program, individuals can expect to receive an immediate detoxification at the facility. This process usually lasts 3 to 4 days and immediately removes the availability of drugs. During this period, the body is cleansed and the individual’s immediate craving for their addiction is treated. These few days are often some of the most physically and emotionally draining to the patient, but are often the only way to effectively rid the dependency and desire for the use of drugs. After the drug detox is complete, patients may be required to undergo a series of treatments consisting of both psychological and social therapy. In addition, regular group meetings are often required, at which the patient may attend and speak freely with other drug detox patients about their situation. In most cases, the entire drug detox treatment program will last for up to one month, but may be longer in special cases or depending on the patient’s need for continued treatment.

An inpatient drug detox treatment program is designed for those who are either ordered by the court to receive inpatient care or for anyone who believes that they are unable to function in everyday life without the use of drugs. If their level of dependency has grown to a dangerous level, an inpatient drug treatment would be ideal in that it consists of 24 hour supervision by a qualified individual who is trained to deal with recovering drug addicts.

Any type of drug treatment program, whether it be inpatient or outpatient, is designed to help individuals recover from the grasp that these dangerous substances have on their lives. Not only created to detoxify an individual immediately, a drug treatment program is primarily designed to instill the importance of avoiding drug use in the future. The best outcome is one that results in an individual with a new outlook on life and one that no longer needs drugs to be a part of that life.

Know What to Expect With Drug Detox

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It is important that I am honest with you about the topic of detox. It will not be an easy process. A person will likely experience many different side effects from their drug use. These side effects may be emotional, physical, or mental. A person will likely experience many uncomfortable feelings and not feel great about life during the process of detox but it is absolutely essential for recovery. After all, how will you ever begin your journey to recovery without first going over the speed bump of detox?

The following are some examples of what a person may go through during detox:
Sweats, Chills, Vomiting.
A person may experience these uncomfortable side effects while detoxing, depending on what drugs they were addicted to. As stated before, heroin and alcohol addiction commonly cause these types of side effects when detoxing.
If you are going through this process at home instead of a clinic, which is not advised, you need to make sure that you hydrate yourself. Even if you know that you will not be able to keep liquids down you need to keep drinking. This is because you need to replace all the water you are losing from sweating and vomiting. Another reason it is advised to detox in a clinic is the fact that they can give you certain medications to help you feel better. A common drug prescribed to heroin abusers is methadone. You must be careful with methadone however because methadone can be addictive itself.

Expect Mood Changes When Going Through A Drug Detox Program

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Detoxing from a drug can have great impact on a person’s mood. A person who is usually happy, or seems to be because they are high, will be in a completely different mood. They may become irritable and snap at people for no reason or they may become depressed and think that life is no longer worth living. It is important to show understanding and compassion to a person who is going through this. Although it may be difficult to deal with their attitude, you can take pride in the fact that you know you are helping them with their problem. If you are the person going through the detox you should try your best not to take it out on others, but mood changes are expected.

There Will Be Cravings During Drug Detox

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Cravings are another one of the side effects of addiction. When a person is in the process of detoxing they will likely have very strong cravings. Some drugs may produce stronger cravings than others, so depending on the addiction a person has it might be a moderate craving or might be one that completely controls their thoughts momentarily.

The trick to getting through this is to distract yourself when you feel a craving coming along. Talk with a friend or do a crossword. Anything that shifts the focus of your mind away from drugs will help.

Although cravings feel like they will never go away, they do, and they actually get less often over time.

There Will of Course Be Positive Outcomes From Drug Detoxing

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The following are some examples:
Better Health:
Even though in the early stages of detox you might feel terrible, your health will actually already be starting to improve. You will notice the color coming back into your face and the dark circles leaving your eyes fairly quickly. You will feel more energetic and feel better than ever.
Mental and Emotional State:
You will notice that you begin thinking clearer and that things in reality begin to make more sense. This is because your mind is no longer being filled with the cloud of fog that addiction was causing. As well, your emotional state will improve; you will be able to handle situations in life much better and more reasonably.

Less Stress for Loved Ones:
Your loved ones will surely appreciate the fact that you have decided to get help and are now detoxing. This will let them sleep at night and no longer live in constant fear that they are going to lose you. Can you imagine how it must feel to have this concern for your child or other people you care for? It would be terrifying, wouldn’t it?
Better Self-Esteem:
Beginning a detox process will surely boost your self-esteem. You will feel as if you can walk tall and hold your head up high once you are no longer being ruled by a substance. Not only will you be proud of yourself, those who are close to you will surely be proud of you to. It will feel much better during you next family get together or holidays when people know you are no longer using drugs and are in recovery. Their faces will surely be filled with joy and proudness instead of fear, concern, and disapproval.


This article is to be used for informational purposes only. The information contained herein is not intended to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or recommendations regarding any form of drug detox treatment. Before deciding on the most effective method of treatment, the patient must consult a licensed medical doctor for advice and/or to determine the best course of action for his/her individual situation.